Pleasure fishing

Both the Kingfisher and Lagoon lakes are excellent venues for the pleasure angler. The kingfisher lake is heavily stocked with all species of course fish with the added knowledge of bonus double figure carp throughout this water. Typical tactics include pellet and standard waggler, slider float, pole and feeder and bomb.

During the summer months all baits on kingfisher lake will catch you fish throughout the day including hard and soft pellets, sweetcorn, maggots, bread, worms, luncheon meat and paste.

The lagoon lake is excellent for the pleasure angler as this lake is heavily stocked with all species of course fish up to low double figure carp. A lot of pleasure anglers have informed us their floats have been going under all day long and they have caught most course species! This lake suites mainly pole tactics because of its size and shape with a central island that you can fish too on four of the eighteen pegs.

All types of baits work well on the lagoon lake throughout the year.

Please ask the bailiffs what recent baits provide the best sport on this lake and visit our blog page to get information about recent catches and tactics used at Greenwood Fishery and Nature Reserve.