Kingfisher Lake

This lake is the main lake of the complex. It has 32 pegs spaced around the lake to give more than enough space for pleasure and specimen anglers alike. Many of the pegs have enough space for bivvies along with the option of four rentable wooden fishing cabins available for anglers situated just behind their pegs. There is also the option for disabled anglers to fish from the jetty.

The Kingfisher lake boasts a lake record Carp to 27lbs 9oz along with many other specimens at least 28 years old. This lake has a large head of Mirror, Common, Koi, Leather, Golden, Ghost and Crucian Carp to provide more than enough specimen sport. For the pleasure angler The Kingfisher Lake has a comprehensive stock of silver fish including bream to 6lb, barbel to 7lb, chub to 4lb and Roach to 3lbs. golden ore, rudd and tench.

Lagoon Lake

The main feature of this smaller lake is the island which is reachable from 6 of the 18 well-spaced pegs. Every peg on the this lake will 'keep your float going under all day' with a real mixed bag of fish such carp to double figures, barbel, bream, chub, dace, golden ore, roach, rudd and tench. This lake suites pleasure and match anglers who enjoy using pole tactics. This lake can be booked throughout the year for club match anglers - please email us to enquire about availability.

Everything you need for a day-out fishing. If you need extra assistance our friendly bailiffs are on hand to help...

Download a PDF of the Map of the fishery here.