Onsite facilities

In order to make your fishing and stay with us as comfortable as possible, we can offer a number of amenities.

Fishing pegs

We have wooden fishing platforms for most pegs around both the Kingfisher Lake and Longbank Lagoon. There is access around the complex with wide pathways, handrails and stairways to pegs. For your safety we have a number of Lifebelts, rescue boat and a qualified First Aider onsite. There are toilets and shower facilities for anglers who decide to fish from their bivvies.

Disabled pegs (pegs 30 to 34)

The disabled pegs (on the jetty) can be used by non-disabled anglers if no disabled angler wishes to fish here. Bivvy spaces (pegs 1 to 6 and 12) for night fishing. Cabins (pegs 15 to 18) for night fishing. Rentable cabins contain plastic chairs.

Catering and refreshments

We offer catering available between March and October each year. Here soft drinks, hot drinks, cooked food, sweets and ices are available.

Car Park

Use of the car park is subject to car park rules, safety regulations and right of refusal by Greenwood Fishery management. Visitors park at their own risk and Greenwood Fishery carries no liability for any damage, loss, theft, injury, third-party claims arising for drivers or passengers that may occur. Please park sensibly so as not to take up too much room. Do not park side on or out of alignment. Ensure your car is locked and secured when you leave it.

Non-Angling Visitors

  • People who are not fishing are welcome to visit for free provided that they and any children accompanying them behave according to the site rules.

  • Children need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Dogs should be kept on a lead and should not be allowed to foul the walkways - owners should remove their dog’s mess.

  • Night-time visitors not angling will pay the published rate.

Download a PDF of the On-site facilities here.