Walkthrough of our fishery

By Dave Williams of Fishing in the North West.

Here is a walkthrough of the two lakes Kingfisher and Lagoon by north west angler Dave Williams.

As well as a keen angler, Dave blogs and Vlogs for FITNW, a team member of Bait-Tech and has his own Facebook page. Thankyou Dave for your continued support.

Uploaded by Dave Williams Fishing Sessions on 2019-07-16.

Improvements to pegs, new platforms and tree maintenance in 2018

Over the quieter winter months, the owner Julian, has been busy working on Kingfisher Lake. He has replaced old pegs as well as widened existing ones so specimen anglers can easily fit two bivvies together. As Kingfisher Lake is surrounded by a steep bank, Julian has been adding new walkways between pegs - saving anglers time and effort walking up the steps and paths around the lake. (This is an ongoing project each year.)

Some trees have when felled where they have been an hindrance by the side of some pegs/platforms and as a result have opened up swims as well as starting new ones. The pictures below reflect these improvements around Kingfisher Lake.


Fishery improvements update - October 2016

Larger bevy pegs
The owner Julian Greenwood has been working hard this year making improvements to the fishery. For specimen anglers on Kingfisher Lake, most pegs accommodate two man bivvies, or can fit two, one man bivvies. 

All new bivvy pegs are being further updated and will feature walkways from one peg to the other, so no need to climb any steps at night. (At present there is a newly completed walkway from pegs 15 to 16. Please see the picture.)

Added comfort for coarse anglers
While these pegs can also be comfortably used by coarse anglers alike, there is plenty of room for the pole fishermen to use and ship 16ft behind them.

New toilet
Great news with a new toilet block opening. (Please be respectful to other anglers who use these facilities.)

All other improvements to bivvy pegs will be ready for next Spring 2017. 

Group tuition with Jamie Hughes.

Only just over a month to go before Jamie graces Greenwood Fishery and Nature Reserve and shows six lucky anglers how its done! Jamie's pedigree speaks for itself, where he is the 2015 FishOMania Champion for the second time. (First winning the competition in 2013.) He will be onhand all throughout the day to improve the anglers fishing and understanding of watercraft.

Useful Youtube videos to help you catch more fish.

These are professionally made videos by tackle manufacturers featuring their own angling consultants. I will embed each first movie in the series so you can watch the rest through YouTube.


Match and pleasure fishing

Preston Innovations, Absolute Match Fishing. Episode 1, series 1.

Watch other full length 'Winning Pegs' online free of charge - http://www.prestoninnovations.com/Videos


How to use Method Feeders with Ricky Teale from Matrix - Ted Carter TV LIVE

In his latest video with the Shimano Sport Camera, Nick Speed films a recent match on the Beeches lake at Lindholme fishery where he appears to have a bit of an early match wrestle with a bonus Carp!

Sweetcorn is a fantastic bait choice for commercial waters in the spring. Combine that with hemp and you have an awesome duo that will keep catching throughout the year. UK Champion Rob Wootton shows you his five top tips to help get the most from this deadly duo!

Peter Drennan and Gary Barclay spent a day at Cob House fishery with 5 times World Champion Alan Scotthorne. In this video Alan explains his unique approach to using catapults when fishing a pole.

Carp fishing

For more videos visit www.korda.co.uk We have always been dedicated to passing on our knowledge to you the angler, and DVDs give us a unique opportunity to put you on the bank with us, so you can see exactly how we do it! All of our DVDs are information first and entertainment second.

For more videos visit www.korda.co.uk We have always been dedicated to passing on our knowledge to you the angler, and DVDs give us a unique opportunity to put you on the bank with us, so you can see exactly how we do it! All of our DVDs are information first and entertainment second.

For more video's visit http://www.gigantica-carp.com Find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GiganticaCarp Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/GiganticaCarp

The Spirit of Carp Fishing - Spring Dawn Disc 1 (Full). This much awaiting DVD filmed at Gigantica is finally here. Please leave comments, tick the Like Box, Subscribe, etc. Disc 2 (Full) will follow. Thank you for all your support, FSF

Uploaded by Balázs Kelemen on 2013-12-29.

One final word, most of these professional videos have been released on DVD are usually available FREE in fishing tackle shops, trade shows or can be requested through the manufacturers website. There are some videos even though are released on YouTube can be bought from the manufacturers website or at good online retailers. Hope this has wet your appetite for angling even more. I wish to thank all manufacturers for making these videos and helping to make fishing more accessible.

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