Fishery improvements update - October 2016

Larger bevy pegs
The owner Julian Greenwood has been working hard this year making improvements to the fishery. For specimen anglers on Kingfisher Lake, most pegs accommodate two man bivvies, or can fit two, one man bivvies. 

All new bivvy pegs are being further updated and will feature walkways from one peg to the other, so no need to climb any steps at night. (At present there is a newly completed walkway from pegs 15 to 16. Please see the picture.)

Added comfort for coarse anglers
While these pegs can also be comfortably used by coarse anglers alike, there is plenty of room for the pole fishermen to use and ship 16ft behind them.

New toilet
Great news with a new toilet block opening. (Please be respectful to other anglers who use these facilities.)

All other improvements to bivvy pegs will be ready for next Spring 2017.